Mad Ideas

To Roger and Betty Haines, for the use of the extended Haines family.

Mad idea number 3,141,607: put 1954 photo of Roger and Betty online

2006-05-07: here.

Mad idea number 3,141,606: post fruit cake recipe online, following rave reception

2006-05-07: here.

Mad idea number 3,141,605: walk from King's Lynn to Cromer along the shoreline

2005-09-14: Details here.

Mad idea number 3,141,604: put more information about the family woodlands online

2004-05-11: Here.

Mad idea number 3,141,603: come back from Australia

2004-05-11: Not actually a mad idea. Pictures here.

Mad idea number 3,141,602: go on holiday to Australia

2004-01-30: Notes.

Mad idea number 3,141,601: tidy up the memoirs documents

2003-09-10: Here.

Mad idea number 3,141,600: buy a wood in Wales

2003-06-30: More information here.

Mad idea number 3,141,599: walk from Cambridge to Ivinghoe Beacon

2003-05-02: Details here.

Mad idea number 3,141,598: add loads of family photos

2002-10-09: Here.

Mad idea number 3,141,597: walk to Brancaster

2002-10-09: Here's the plan. Setting off tomorrow.

Mad idea number 3,141,596: add my Mad Ideas about Long Walks

2002-09-27: Here they are.

Mad idea number 3,141,595: put up the list of holiday destinations

2002-09-24: Here is a list of family holiday destinations.

Mad idea number 3,141,594: put Dad's memoirs on the website

2002-09-24: Here are Dad's memoirs (about a dozen pages so far, more later as we type them up).

Mad idea number 3,141,593: acquire for a website

2002-09-23: I have many happy memories of Dad's "mad ideas" sessions, in which he would present his latest notions. Now he's writing his memoirs, which are sure to contain many "mad ideas". Why don't I help out by getting and setting up a website?

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