(by Nicholas, updated 2003-01-09).

Roger writes long-hand. His children (Kevin, Sarah, Nicholas) transcribe the results onto computers. I compiled the results into a "drafts" directory, visible online. Then those were printed out for hand correction by Roger. After correction they were compiled into the main document, which I then converted into DocBook SGML for creation of PostScript, PDF, and HTML.

When we started, Sarah was typing up into Microsoft Word, and printed out the whole thing each time (print-outs #1, #2, #3).

I took on the editor role in late September 2002, and translated the Word document into one big HTML document, and simply appended the next batch of typing onto that (print-out #4).

Missing sources: I have not seen a manuscript for the first three paragraphs of the main document (begins "Born in Wells Cottage Hospital", ends "pronounce Dick Whittington").

Where I have needed to mark the holograph document, I have tried to use a green pencil (thus being able to distinguish my marks from Roger's).

A number of intermediate paper documents result, and should probably be kept for the time being: