Pictures for Memories of Roger Haines

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Here are the pictures which accompany Roger Haines' memories.

Pictures which were not chosen for the book are on a separate page.

Roger circa 1995.

Grandparents Haines
F. W. Haines senior, Wells.
Frederick William Haines (senior) and Matilda Haines nee Rice, 9th April 1928.
Grandparents Stevens
Edward A Stevens and Lucy E Stevens, June 3rd 1922.
Grandma and Grandad Stevens' Golden Wedding, 1942. Back row, left to right: Norman Stevens, Bill Foot, Father, Mother, Evelyn Stevens, Arthur Stevens, Eva Bull, Walter Bull, Gilbert Stevens, Win Stevens. Middle row, left to right: Agnes Foot, Trevor Foot, Grandma Stevens, Grandad Stevens, Roger, Hilda Hemmens. Front row, left to right: Kathleen Stevens, Derrick, Jeanne Stevens, Roy Bull.
Edward and Lucy Stevens at Rock House, circa 1940.

Memories of Frederick William Haines as told to Roger Haines on 11th March 1983.
F. W. Haines and D.A. Stevens, circa 1927.
F. W. Haines and D.A. Stevens, circa 1927.
Wedding of Frederick William Haines (junior) and Dorothy Ann Stevens, 9th April 1928. Back row: Gilbert Stevens, ?, ?, George Road. Front row: Ethel Haines, F. W. Haines (senior), Matilda Haines, FWH (junior), DAS, Lucy Stevens, Hilda Stevens, Edward A Stevens.

The War Years
Roger, 15th May 1942.
Father's Work
Father's identity card picture, 1940.
Father, Roger, Mother, Derrick, Ilfracombe 1946.

A Wells Childhood
4 West Street
Roger, nine months.
A Typical Week
Roger, Derrick, Mother, and Father in choir clothes, December 1948.
Roger, July 1948.
The Blue School
Derrick and Roger at 4 West Street in Blue School caps and ties, 1947.
Roger 1950, in Blue School tie with long trousers.

On the Buses
Roger in bus conductor uniform, August 1954.

The Car
JOL 7, Milton Clevedon, October 1954.

Roger departing for Hull, October 1954.
Roger at Camp Hall.
Betty's graduation.
Roger's graduation.

First Proper Job
Roger and Betty, circa 1956.
Roger and Betty, Bruges, 1957.
Betty, Mother, and Father, Bramhall Hall, 1959.

10 Stalmine Avenue, 1958.
Highfield Close, Waterlooville, 1962.
8 North Shore Road, 1987.
Roger gardening, 1988.

Roger with van, 1962.
A car full of children, September 1972.

Second Proper Job
Roger circa 1985.

Family Life
Before Children
Roger and Betty's wedding.
Kevin Arrives
Kevin with football, 1965.
Kevin, 1965.
Kevin and Mischief, 1965.
Nicholas Arrives
Nicholas' Christening. Back row, left to right: Derrick, Mother, Beryl, Joan Bowden, Cecil Bowden, Ethel Haines, Nell Dyer, Cecil Dyer. Middle row, left to right: Betty, Ruth Bowden, Father (holding Nicholas), Betty's Mother (holding Sarah), George, Betty's Father, Sheila. Front row children, left to right: Jonathan Banks, Martin, Kevin, Heather, Jackie, Greg.
Kevin and Nicholas, 1968.
Young Children
Sarah, Nicholas, Kevin, front garden, September 1968.
Sarah and Nicholas, 1970.
Sarah, September 1972.
Guinea's litter 1975 (Snowy 2, Guinea 2, Bimbo, Pipkin, and Fiver)
Sarah, Nicholas, Kevin; Filey 1972.
Kevin, circa 1975.
Betty, 1977.
Roger, 1977.
Nicholas, Sarah, Kevin, off to school, 1979.
The 1980s
Kevin circa 1981.
Roger and Betty, silver wedding, 1983.
Mother and Agnes, May 1990.
Mother's 90th Birthday. Back row, left to right: Martin, Sylvie, Moniek (holding Tom), Sarah, Nicholas, Betty, Roger, Heather, Kevin, Derrick, Maureen, Hazel, Trevor. Middle row, left to right: Bill, Mother, Agnes, Mrs Deards. Front row, left to right: Ian, Iain, Helen, Sarah.

Sarah's wedding, 22nd July 1989.
Being A Landlord
particulars for 13 Shaftesbury Road when sold in 1998.

Mother and Father's Golden Wedding, 1978. Back row, left to right: Derrick, Heather, Martin, Betty, Roger. Middle row: Father and Mother. Front row: Kevin, Sarah, Nicholas.
Father and Mother at their Golden Wedding in 1978.
Moniek, Betty, Tom, and Roger; Hungary, 1992.
Niagara, 1993.
Betty on canal boat, 1999.

Betty, Sarah, Kevin, Nicholas; Snowdon, 1978.

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